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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Joey Atlas Review|The Fluid Loss

How can I pay for the loss of fluid? Suitable mineral water, tea, juice, and replace it with clean water Article Source By Joey Atlas Review Author Of Joey Atlas (http://health.revieweds.com/truth-about-cellulite-review/)

Sugary drinks and back mismatch sweeteners or alcohol.
On hot days it is not recommended to freeze (the risk of stroke or upper respiratory infection caused by virus). It is also often the rest is important.

Increased risk in a high temperature location.
Patients with cardiovascular disease may be, in contrast to healthy individuals, the effects of heat stroke (hyperthermia in hot environments) or heat stroke (direct sunlight per capita) is pressed more subjects.

Heat stroke is the full development life-threatening in healthy condition

Joey Atlas Review:After a long time in the warmth of chronic disease may be headache, dizziness, vomiting, convulsions, loss of consciousness, increased body temperature (up to 40 degrees C)

Heat stroke fully developed for the treatment of special care. Cardiovascular disease in patients with this condition can be fatal!

Condition less severe heat stroke (the forerunner of heat stroke).
The main reason is dehydration. Symptoms include thirst, fatigue, nausea and difficulty breathing. Body temperature usually no higher than 38 ° C.
First aid is to save the patient to a cool place and add the liquid quickly

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