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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Joey Atlas Scam - Improves Weight Loss

Obese women who lose weight may also improve sex life, according to a U.S. research study.

Joey Atlas Scam:The researchers followed 161 obese women participating in a weight loss program. Almost two thirds of women did not feel sexually attractive in the beginning of the program, writes American media. 

But within a year, the proportion of women who were dissatisfied with their sex life fell from 39 to 15 percent and the proportion of women who said they were not sexually attractive decreased from 68 to 26 percent.  
researchers had also found similar results in a study of 26 very obese men, but could not draw any conclusions from the study because it was so small. Even a small weight loss improve women's sex lives. 

The women felt more attractive and desirable. - If people experience benefits and rewards of weight loss and better health, it can motivate them to continue with a healthy lifestyle, said Martin Bink's at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center told Reuters For More Information About Joey Atlas Scam

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